Project specification software for creative and design firms

Manage easily large and small creative & design projects with a powerful and secure web application that keeps your team and clients organized in a detailed project specs tracking software.

Why choose our platform?
Project Management
Keep your projects planning, proposal and purchases in order with our web app for managing specs, clients and manufacturers.
Specifications Tracking
Take full control of all specification tracking for your design projects, track and visualize the spec list from proposal to approval/buying.
Detailed PDF reports
Create beautiful and customizable PDF reports for the project's spec book, a single area or a single product spec.
Cloud based software
Don´t worry about all technical implications of having a world class web solution up to date, we have it all covered in the cloud.
Customizable reports
Generate several custom reports filtering by area, categrory and manufacturer, ask us for any possible report and we'll include it.
Reusable shared data
Save time having a shared database between all collaborators in your company and reuse items, areas, specs or the whole project.


We have built the perfect software to boost your project’s organization and tracking without all the tecnological hassle.

Manage Spec Book
Generate several variations fo your project's spec book to ease your client and manufacturers proposals and requests.
Manage Areas and Items
Take full advantage of having a centralized list of areas and product items to reuse along different projects.
Manage Manufacturers
Keep an organized database of all your manufacturers, add, edit or delete businesses or individual manufacturers.
Manage Clients
Dynamic listing of your clients, provide access to your client to view the project's specs directly in the web.
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